Comic Production

Visionary’s specialty is comic art. We represent multiple pencilers, inkers, colorists, and full-finish artists, with a wide diversity of styles and experience levels. From up and coming creators just making their mark, that we’ve mentored and helped teach, to industry legends with decades of experience. All our artists are vetted, and Visionary handles all direct management working with the artists to produce their best work. From short stories, to filling a single slot on a team, to bringing an entire team for a single project to an entire line of books, Visionary can show you customized portfolios to narrow your search and fully manage your project for you.

Pricing on all creative work is page rate based, with payment installments in advance. Rates are set by individual creators, projects are budgeted and assessed, and talent options are presented. Creators range from top talent to newcomers; rates range accordingly depending on client and creator.

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