Creating Comics Crash Course

Is your story ready to be told, but you don’t know how to get started? Maybe you’ve started the process but are not sure how to proceed? Then this is the package for you!

Take a look into the Visionary process, guided by our very own Chief Creative Officer, C. Edward Sellner. He is a published writer of comics, film, and television and a published author of prose, both fiction and nonfiction. His artwork has been displayed in galleries locally and internationally, been published in print and online, and featured in prime-time television series.

For a one-time fee, you will get resources and direct feedback from professionals on your story, art, and plan!

General Package

  • FREE Resource Packet, including in-house Visionary tools and guides and the best online resources to work with.
  • Recommended BUY list of tools, software, and books targeted for your work.
  • An in-depth written, detailed assessment of your project materials and plan submitted, including analysis of creative content and strategies.
  • Follow up one-hour phone conference with Sellner to ask questions and discuss planned changes based on the feedback given.
  • Fees: $200, 50% paid upfront, balance due before the conference.

Additional Packages can be added on, with more in-depth expertise on Editorial related issues, Art, Lettering and/or Production from specialists on Visionary’s staff, each with years of experience and numerous published credits to their names. These packages are limited to a one-time written assessment provided to the client. – Specialty Reviews are $100 per arena

Your Complete Crowdfunding Comic Packaging Service!

Want to fund a graphic novel through Kickstarter? We have the expertise to guide you. Visionary has sponsored, co-sponsored, and supported multiple successful Kickstarter campaigns. Our experienced staff can provide the skills, resources, and creative talent to produce your book while helping you manage your campaign. We offer three tiers of service for crowd-funding assistance:


  • Consulting on planning and implementation of crowd-funding (fee-based)
  • Assistance and support during the campaign (fee and percentage based)
  • Creative development of your project (page rate, service-based)

Why use Visionary for your project?

Visionary offers a unique combination of expertise that can support you every step of the way. We know the platform, and how it works, we know the challenges and pitfalls. Going into a campaign with a better strategy vastly increases your odds of being successful.

In providing assistance during the campaign, Visionary taps its already extensive fanbase and prior campaign supporters, folks who know and enjoy our work and will be looking for more!

As a full-service production studio, Visionary can fill every empty spot on your team, from artist to letterer to production / pre-press, and provide top-quality work by trusted and skilled creators.

You could post numerous ads on classifieds, scour artist sites, pore through endless submissions, work out individual agreements, then hope the folks who commit to you follow up… or you could call Visionary and let us take it from there.

Visionary is your one-stop service for launching your dreams!

Please note that Visionary cannot and does not guarantee success on your Kickstarter as numerous factors impact a campaign far beyond our control as a partner in your efforts. All we can promise is our assistance and best efforts to help you succeed.

Ready to get started?

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