Editorial services

Visionary provides top-quality editorial services from experienced editors to help any project reach its greatest potential. In addition, we offer competitive pricing with superior value! Our goal is to assist you in producing the best product possible while maintaining your vision.

Our services include both comics and prose editing, all by top experts in their respective mediums. Services range from basic copy editing to the complete editorial package. For comics, full editorial services include script and art review.

Editing does not focus on story content, merely execution. It’s your story; we just help you tell it such that the reader sees what you want them to see and feels what you want them to feel.


  • Prose Full Package – TBD – includes in-depth analysis for overall story and execution.
  • Copyediting – $5 per manuscript page (standard formatting)


  • Comics Full Package – $40 per page – includes in-depth analysis and plot review, page-by-page script review, and an intensive art review with direction at all points.
  • Story Review ONLY – $20 per page per pass – includes plot and script review, no art management.
  • Dialogue ONLY – $10 per page – focuses on a final edit on dialogue and copy (good for creators for whom English is a second language, or writers doing creator-owned as that “extra set of eyes”).
Rates may vary due to project specifics, such as time constraints, the amount of work needed to complete the script, etc.

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