Visionary represents numerous artists with a wide variety of styles. So, whether you’re looking for photorealism or abstract, traditional or digitally painted, full color to black and white linework, children storybook fantasy to dark horror, we can find the perfect match for your illustration project. Our artists are all vetted professionals with experience doing book and album covers, inset spot illustrations, and custom art for games and websites. So, you can either spend your time looking through tons of portfolios and hope who you hire will come through, or you can just reach out to us, get customized portfolios all from creators who can hit deadlines and produce top-quality work, and get started right away.

Pricing on all creative work is illustration or page rate based, with payment installments in advance. Rates are set by individual creators, projects are budgeted and assessed, and talent options are presented. Creators range from top talent to newcomers; rates range accordingly depending on client and creator.

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